KERIUS Finance is a totally independent advisory and dealing room services firm specializing in the management and hedging of currencies, interest rates, commodities and debt.

Key figures: More than 1’000 one-off or annual missions in 14 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa since 2010. In 2022, KERIUS Finance achieved 220 missions and advised €10 billion of financial transactions, hedging and derivative products in 20 currencies.

Our clients: Private and public companies (LBO, listed, family-owned, corporates), real estate funds, private equity funds, family-offices & asset managers, foundations and NGO.

Our leverage: A sharp and independent financial expertise, professional banking dealing room tools, a comprehensive proprietary reporting platform (accounting, back and middle-office, regulatory/IFRS) and a customized support.

Your Return On Investment :

  • Security and risk reduction: bespoke and effective hedging strategy, aligned on your long-term stakes thanks to our explanations, recommendations, independent quotations of hedging products and financial simulations;
  • Comfort and time saved: we handle the tender with banks and the negotiation of the contractual documentation;
  • Savings: your hedges negotiated at the best price thanks to our dealing room.

KERIUS Finance SAS (France) is regulated as Independent Financial Advisor (Conseiller en Investissements Financiers) and registered at the ORIAS (N° 13000716) / member of the ANACOFI CIF, Association regulated by the French Market Authority.

Our services

          Diagnosis / advisory

  • Diagnosis and risk analysis, Due Diligences (FX, interest rates and commodities)
  • Advisory for hedging policy / strategy definition & implementation (FX, interest rates and commodities)
  • In-house multi-currency treasury / financing in currencies / hedging center optimization
  • Debt management / Asset – Liability management

          Dealing Room assistance

  • Assistance in hedging : Market surveillance, bank relations and negotiations, quotations, reporting
  • Assistance to simplify inappropriate or ineffective complex structured derivative products
  • Technical assistance during arbitration or litigations regarding structured products
  • Valuation of all derivative products, free shares, stock-options/warrants, convertible bonds

          Customized reporting (currencies, interest rates, commodities)

    Design and periodical production of :
  • Customized back-office, middle-office and controlling dashboards & reports
  • Customized IFRS documentation and reports (micro or macro hedging) as to secure the hedge accounting
  • Customized debt management tools and reports

ExampleS of mandates

Listed company managing real estate

needs to be protected against interest rates and inflation increase

Turnover: €4b
Debt: €5b

Business need: Protecting the company against interest rates appreciation and financial expense increase as to sustain its long term growth.

Services provided: Daily market monitoring. Regular proposals of hedge inception or optimization. Support in hedge analysis, negotiation, implementation and optimization based on market opportunities. Hedge portfolio valuation, performance and IFRS reports production.

Results: Improved hedge reactivity. Market opportunities better captured. Hedging and financial costs reduced. Customized dashboard always adapted to new the business needs. Financial expenses better controlled. IFRS reporting pack adapted to auditors’ needs (for hedge accounting purpose).

Industrial LBO, export

needs to be protected against currency depreciations and interest rates increases

Turnover: €200M
Debt: €50M
Excess cash

Business need:: Protecting the company against currency depreciations and interest rates increases as to secure its EBITDA and debt reimbursement.

Services provided:: Analysis of FX operational risks. Formalization and implementation of a currency and interest rates hedging policy. Support in negotiation, inception, follow up and optimization of hedging. Market monitoring. Customized dashboards and reporting pack.

Results:: Risks monitored and measured systematically. Foreign exchange and interest rates hedging implemented in a systematic manner, at controlled price. Investments evaluated based on quantitative and objective criteria. Cash flows, operational and financial result, as well as financial covenants protected against financial markets fluctuations.

Industrial small size company, commodity importer

wishes to get protected against an increase in commodity prices.

€10M turnover

Business need: Protecting the company’s EBITDA against commodity cost appreciation.

Services provided: Identification and quantification of operational commodity risks as well as induced currency risks. Implementation of a commodity and currency hedging policy. Assistance in negotiation as well as management of hedging and business flows. Market surveillance. Portfolio monitoring, optimization and valuation. Periodical production of complete reporting pack: accounting, back and middle-office, regulatory (hedge accounting)

Results: Commodity and foreign exchange hedging systematized, by project, at controlled cost. Cash flows and operational margin protected against financial markets fluctuations.

Multi family-office

wishes to protect their clients against the currency and interest rates risks induced by their asset / liability structure, and to optimize the cash investments returns

Business need: Assisting the FO in the management of the interest rates and currency risks induced by his clients’ funding and investments. Helping the FO negotiating derivative products pricing independently (hedging, certificates, autocalls, etc.) with banks and brokers.

Services provided: Asset-liability analysis, risks simulations, quotations and proposals of bespoke hedging strategies. Term Sheets formalization. Dealing room assistance during negotiations and transactions. Follow-up and optimization of the portfolios. Market surveillance. Valuation and performance reporting.

Results: Financial expenses and investment returns optimized. Strategies customized. Performance reports improved (back and middle-office)

Investment fund

wants to quantify the risks related to currencies, interest rates and commodities before acquiring a company

Business need: Identifying and measuring the market risks (currencies, interest rates, commodities) of a targeted company before its acquisition.

Services provided: In parallel to the financial due diligence, audit to measure the business risks (operating and financial flows, intercompany or external), the competencies of the finance team in terms of hedging, the effectiveness and safety of the existing hedging, the adequacy of the hedging practice vs the investor’s objectives, the respect of accounting rules related to derivative products.

Results: Risks quantified. Advantages / disadvantages / costs of the existing hedging policy highlighted. Structural or short-term impacts on the P&L isolated. EBITDA retreated. Proposals to correct or realign the hedging strategy with the fund's objectives after the acquisition.

Small size company, secondary LBO

has to protect its financial expenses against interest rates rise after its bank debt renegotiation

Turnover: €100M
Senior debt: €50M

Business need: Putting in place a hedging strategy that shall respect the hedging obligation on the short term and the managers' objectives on the long term.

Services provided: Analysis of the hedging obligations and objectives, presentation of the advantages / disadvantages / costs of various hedging strategies (including existing hedges “recycling” and impact of negative rates combined to the floor on the Euribor that makes some strategies ineffective or toxic), financial expenses simulations for various scenarios of evolution of the Euribor and debt, recommendations, bank consultation and price negotiation, review of the contractual documentation, market follow up, accounting and back-office reporting production following inception of hedges.

Results: Optimized hedging strategy and pricing taking into account the medium term managers’ and shareholders’ objectives and the negative rates context. Market follow up, hedging valuation and back-office assistance after hedge inception.


SR 2020 sans lunettes


30 years of experience in Corporate Finance and market risk management

Background: Crédit Lyonnais Capital Markets London, Bouygues, LVMH (Head of dealing room) and Gemplus (VP & Corporate Treasurer).
Since 2007, financial risk management advisor to corporates, funds, NGOs and multi Family Offices.

Master in Management at Audencia School of Management, AMF certified.
Conseil en Investissements Financiers / Independent Financial Advisor since 2010 (France)

Solal H


6 years+ of experience in financial risks management.

Background: Pléiade & Cie (Portfolio management), Luxcellence (Market risks).

Since 2018, analyst and outsourced risk manager for small and mid-size companies.

Master in Finance at Neoma Business School.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


2 years+ of experience in corporate finance and financial markets

Background: Fifty Bees (Financial Audit), Pyramide Conseils (Accounting).
Since 2020, analyst for SME / ETI market risks.

Graduated from IAE Lyon, Master in Corporate Finance.



Background: Société Générale (Credit Analyst), Patrival (Portfolio Analyst),
Since 2022, analyst for SME / ETI market risks.

Graduate from l’IESEG Business School,
Master Investment Banking & Capital Markets.



Background: Patrival (portfolio management), Richelieu Gestion (Risk manager assistant).
Since 2023, analyst for SME / ETI market risks.

Graduate from SKEMA Business School,
Master Financial Markets & Investments.



Background: Crestbridge Management Company (Risk Management, Luxembourg).
Since July 2023, trainee analyst in market finance.

Currently doing a gap year at Skema Business School, Master’s degree in Finance.



Background: Quintet Luxembourg Private Bank (Investment Advisory, Luxembourg).

Since August 2023, trainee financial markets analyst intern.

Currently completing the end-of-studies internship of the Master’s in Finance at the IESEG School of Management.


Nivetha Sinnathurai | ANALYST INTERN

Background: Since August 2023, Trainee Analyst in Market Finance.

Graduate of HEC Lausanne, Master of Finance in Asset and Risk Management.



15 years+ of experience as Executive Assistant/Manager

Background: Life Cube (Executive Assistant & Personal Assistant), Internet Diffusion (Administrative Assistant), Restaurant Kenitra (Founder & Manager).

Graduated as Executive Assistant. CFC Sale & Advice.



15 years+ of experience in database management and creation of reporting tools.

Background: Stanhope Capital (Investment firm), Altaira (Wealth Management),
Salt (Telecommunications).
Since 2008, software engineering, Database and reporting platform design, IT services, data analysis / formatting / visualization, process automation.

Graduated from the University of Geneva, Master of Science in Computer Science.


Risk analysts and seasoned advisors in market risks & hedging, debt & asset/liability management


Experts in databases and reporting platforms design, valuation models, structured products quantitative analysis


IFRS expertise: IAS39/IFRS9, IFRS13 and other standards relating to hedging.

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Phone: + 41 22 566 40 52   |   Fax: + 41 22 566 40 53.
Kerius Finance France Kerius Finance SAS, 17 rue Dupin, 75006 Paris, France.
Phone: +33 1 83 62 27 61 | Fax: +33 1 83 62 28 55.

KERIUS Finance SAS is regulated as Independent Financial Advisor (Conseiller en Investissements Financiers) and registered at the ORIAS (N° 13000716) / member of the ANACOFI CIF, Association regulated by the French Market Authority.
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